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CSA is unbelievable

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We applied for a CoA on the payees capacity to earn in December. We also objected her new income estimate of a rediculous sum below self support in febuary. We requested write only as well.
Two weeks ago CSA called and needed infirmation about the COA (yes that's how long it took them) and we advised them that we wish to put the COA on HOLD until after mediation and we would confirm this with an email. We did send an email requesting to put the COA on hold for now since it may affect mediation. CSA called one week later to see what's happening. DH said that mediation is on such and such day and for them to keep it on hold until he calls. I had to ask CSA if they recieved certain emails and again made sure the CoA is still active and not canceled, but on hold. CSA confirmed and said they are waiting for either the go ahead or cancelation in writing from DH and until then it's on hold. We are only talking about 2-3weeks. CSA said it's no problem. We recieved a letter now saying: you've decided to cancel the COA and we are confirming such, you can start a new COA any time…

Wtf? We didn't cancel it. We did ask to put it on hold regarding correspondance to the other parent for 2-3 weeks and they confirmed. I've never send a cancelation email either. This means we gotta start all over again and if granted could miss out on 1k as they would have backdated it to December! This is a joke. I will call them
Tomorrow. Any suggestions?
Their defective administration has cost you money. A fair sum of money at that. Google CDDA and submit a claim. Claim for your time and expenses incurred as a result of CSA's incompetence as well as the actual loss. You might be able to use that as leverage by mentioning it in writing and test their reaction (if any, knowing what they're like with write only customers). If not, submit a CDDA claim and get every cent you've lost.
Start with a complaint to the CSA Complaints department.

Also send a letter of Objection about the decision to cancel the CoA and request that the CoA be put back on hold as you were told.

Depending on the outcome of these two, you may have the necessary evidence to make a CDDA claim
Look I understand your anger when CSA says 'its on hold' and then cancels the CoA application but you could have handled this a little better:

1. you could have kept the CoA on foot during the mediation process- if mediation was sucessful in this matter then you could have withdrew the CoA then. OR

2. You could have done mediation and if unsuccessful, begin the CoA then.

To say something like  "hey you guys I changed my mind atm and lets just leave it on hold until after mediation" (my quotation marks) may make the CSA think that you are not serious about the CoA application.

Just a thought…
Familyman, if you would have read all my posts, you would see that our situation was a bit more difficult then this. There is a good reason that we handled it the way we did.

We requested mediation in November and only had the first joint session in March. CSA and FDR got back to us at the same time, once the other party was happy to negoiate after withholding access as she needed the money.

CSA is aware of all this, as we went through the SSAt regarding arrears and care, which the payee claimed wrongly. There is much correspondance between CSA and us and they can clearly see that we are very serious with this, but every normal human beeing would understand that sorting out the access comes first. We still want to have things fair though.

I preciate your input and I see where you coming from, but you've only got a fraction of our story. It's a mess and it shouldn't be taking 5 month to get a mediation session. They have told us it will be sorted before febuary and the other parent wad complying, FDR itself did slow it down.
I can feel your frustration, sorry to hear this.

I don't know if this helps. I know our cases are a little similiar with CSA double dipping, mediation and a ruthless ex.

Come to think of it the whole forum is about that.

I just had a win over my objection to CSA on my ex's continually changing COA and double dipping.
I've been hoping to solve the CSA problem over mediations but she is stalling the mediation and now it looks like Easter and school holidays are out for my son and me now.

I had the win because the CSA and my ex can't have it both ways.
Too keep a long story short .

Treat all calls to and from CSA as if they record it and use it to trip u up.

Lose any conscience and fight on their level

Think from your partner's ex's point of view,
greedy and dishonest is a flaw in a human and it can be expoited.
It's pretty sad that it has to come this way
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