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Does anyone realise the CSA is issuing notices to MBF to take the money that may come to members. They are not taking into account that the paying parent is not solely entitled to the money if it is ever paid.

My husband has a child support debt because the CSA stuffed up. He always files a tax return each year but they say he gave them an estimate of income over the phone and four years later they have reconciled the alleged estimate and raised a debt.

My husband never speaks with them over the phone because of their incompetence but their response is "it's in our system so you must of called".

He negotiated a payment arrangement and then a couple of days later he is given copies of a Notice to MBF. They did not advise they were taking that action when the payment arrangement was negotiated. They also didn't take into account the MBF membership is for our family and paid for from joint funds. As far as they are concerned they can take it and any agreement to repay a debt is only to be honoured by the paying parent.

Insurance payments or BUPA monies?

stimpy said
Does anyone realise the CSA is issuing notices to MBF to take the money that may come to members.
Are you talking about the money issued to the claimant when a claim is processed?


Are you talking about the recent BUPA take over and the share/payment scheme to MBF members?

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BUPA takeover. They have issued s72A Notices over the proposed payments if it goes ahead.
Stimpy, is the payment going to be in joint names?  If so, it is safe and you should make it very clear to them that the constitution prevents the action.  If it is in his name, I would contact Ludwig's office saying they are not acting in good faith.
We already have been given the money from the Bupa takeover of MBF. My partner has a CSA debt, only a small amount but he still got his cheque.
Good advice Bigred. I have done just that. Annie I am glad it didn't happen to your family.
I have already been paid my money from MBF too.  ( 2nd July 2008). Now just have to find out if they are or are not going to tax it.  I did read where they were going to try and waiver tax, but did not see the outcome.
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