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CSA Change of Assessment

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How much info must be provided and likekihood of success

I have been asked to respond to a CSA document "Changing your Child Support Assessment in Special Circumstances".

My ex has nominated reason 3 on the document which is "it costs extra to care for, educate or train the children in the way that you and the other parent intended".

There are no court orders in relation to my current CSA assessment.
There is no child support agreement.  The CSA formula is applied to my income.

Prior to separation in 2001, both sons were at public primary schools.

When my eldest son lived with me for 10 months in 2004/05 (his mother threw him out) I sent him to a private school where he improved out of sight.

His mother applied significant pressure and he returned to live with her.  I informed my ex I would not pay for private school fees as neither of the boys received the support they needed for their school work including assistance with homework etc. so it was a waste of money. Upon his return to his mother my son was sent to two consecutive private schools, both without any consultation with or notification to me.  My youngest son remained at a public school.

My ex did not approach me to pay any fees but did approach my parents who told her to get a job.

My ex moved house in October 2006.  Both boys changed schools and were sent to separate private schools.  Once again, I was not involved in the selection or interview process.


What is the likelihood of this application succeeding given that all these costs have been incurred without my knowledge or consent?The assessment form requires a lot of financial information of mine but more significantly, information from my wife.  My wife brought considerable assets to our marriage and does not want to provide this private information to the CSA (we all know how they protect private information).  She is not my dependant and works full time.

  1. My ex has not provided her own financial information on the form and conceals her income as a part time cleaner through a company structure.

    Any assistance or advice would be gratefully received, thanks. :)

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We will leave the topic here a day or so pending moving the Topic and responses to the Child support section. As this is a specific case I suspect any responses in these public forums may well be of a very general nature.

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