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CSA Change of assessment info needed?

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Hi everyone I was hoping to get some info.  My ex is having me re-assessed for cs even though the only change in circumstances is tha our eldest has started prep.

Ex is asking for us to back pay daycare fees from 2007 when we split also is asking me to pay for all extracurricular activities (movies, daytrips) and also school uniforms and contributions.  Ex has recently had a re-assesment granted. I only found out when I had a call saying I was behind even though I thought I was paying the right amount saying that she would only earn $11000 this year. Since getting my paperwork fom CSA she is going to earn almost $40000 if you include single parent pension and fam tax ben a+b. Ex is also req I pay for youngests daycare fees when we have both boys on school holidays.  Where do I stand on this I cannot afford to pay anymore cs than I do already as I have done my sums and my income vs expenses already leaves me $34 f/n for food, fuel, tolls etc etc.  I have ready some topics here and it seems that I will be asked to pay more.  Can anyone give me some advice on how to approach filling out the forms etc etc.

Thanks in advance
Just pay the Child support agency. The amount they tell you to pay is based on your income, her income and the age/ care amount of the child. The monies you pay to the child support agency are supposed to cover the costs of the childs living.

I have been milked dry for years - I simply told my ex that all monies must go through them. Once the tide was stemmed I was happy to contribute to the important things as school clothes etc… and spend the extra money on my son while he is in my care.

The child support agency is only there to deal with monies… The minute she says you can't have access because you don't pay extra - take her to court.
Starting pre-primary school would not be special circumstances unless it was an expensive private school and the ex was wanting you to pay fees.

I don't think backdating of day care fees or extra curricula activities would also qualify for a change.

Regarding the reassessment that the ex had granted - was this an income estimate that the ex put in or something else?

FTB does not form a persons income only the pension.

You would be liable for day care fees if you chose to put the kids in day care when they are living with you, however the ex cannot make you pay for her day care fees at that is their decision to do that. Why don't you save the ex some money by offering to care for the boys when they cannot?

I think your ex's application will be completely dismissed unless you give C$A some information that allows them to increase your liability.

Because none of the claims you have mentioned do not come under special circumstances, do not provide any financial information to C$A.

Does that help?
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