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Parent living in UK claiming one child and remaining 1 18yo and a step child. How does the step child impact the formula

I live in Australia with my 18 year old son who at the moment is totally dependant on me.

My Ex partner, lives in the UK, is Going to be claiming for my daughter who is 16.

Would I need to pay as my son is living with me.

I also have a step daughter living with me who is 15 … Would she factor in the costs of the csa?

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Have you used the advanced child support calculator on our site?

That will give you the answers you seek.

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Are you dealing with the Child Support Agency in Australia or the UK child support agency or both?

Under AU C$A if there is a difference of income between parents, the parent with the higher income would still pay some child support to the other in your situation. Even if the care is 50/50 or like.

As your son is 18 your ex would normally no longer pay child support under the AU C$A however you can apply for a change of assessment if you can show special circumstances for child support to continue beyond the age of 18. If successful the difference would be that you do not pay child support to the ex unless you earn more.

AU C$A will not acknowledge that you support a step child unless they are adopted, or you have an order against you to provide financial support, or neither of the child's parents can support the child. If the later is the case you will need to apply for a change of assessment to get the desired result.
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