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CSA Ingnoring current financial situation, increasing CS and creating debt.


Can anyone provide me with information so I can take a step in the right direction?


Last year I was diagnosed with a blood cancer, I was rushed to hospital on the day of the diagnoses. The Doc's diagnoses, was that they could not give me an outcome (survival percentage), within 2 years of my treatment. I have been undergoing Chemo and off work for the last 8 months. I am receiving a Disability pension, I have no assets. My family are now solely reliant on the government  for our income. I am in my late forty's, my qualifications allow for me to work in labour intensive employment. I need to re skill to return to the workforce in a less physically demanding job.

After one month of being granted a disability pension, CSA began collection from through FAO. One month later they increased my CS to a greater amount than when I was in full-time employment incurring penalties. At the time the new assessment was implemented, I was incapacitated and in hospital.

My desired outcome is to have my CSA assessment reflect my current situation, the most direct route . I don't doubt that I can show a court, my financial situation and capacity to earn has changed….. its getting there and all the tricks and time wasting from CSA in between now and getting there.

My questions

1. Do I request an extension of time to object to the new increased assessment

2. Can I object to the assessment based on CSA not using my current information, even though they are collecting from FAO

3. Can I go directly to Court and file an Application In Case, to reduce the debt and penalties they are unjustly creating

4. Is my only option the COA process, it is my opinion that the COA process will be very stressful and at times, I may not be well enough to deal with CSA directly or in their time frame requirements.

Scouting for options and answers

Have you contacted them and tried to put in a new estimate of income? You can estimate your income online, over the phone or in writing. If they refuse to except your estimate they must tell you why.


Hi Frenzy
Thank you for your reply. I have not advised CSA with an income estimate.

If CSA are required to make a new assessment  as soon as new information becomes available and new information became available to CSA when they began collecting CS from my disability pension and less than a month later CSA made a new assessment, why has my CS liability increased not decreased.

If I was to advise CSA, say tomorrow, with an income estimate, would CSA amend my new assessment from tomorrows date, or when my change in circumstances actually occurred over 9 months ago?

Would I be better off providing and income estimate and not objecting?


Would I be better off providing and income estimate and not objecting?
I'd try the estimate first - think there is a form on their website for it, if you don't want to speak to them on the phone. Objecting will take months, they will accept or decline your estimate straight away. Least if they refuse it, you'll have to be told why.

MikeT here is really good with CSA Stuff, he might have some idea why they have jacked up your liability, after being advised your on DSP. Doesn't sound right to me.
This seems very odd and we must be missing some information. What reason did CSA give you for INCREASING the amount you pay when you income is significantly reduced. I assume they have been provided with an estimate of new income supported with some sort of medical evidence. As a general note I am becoming quite disappointed in recent times with decisions made by front line officers that seem at odds with the legislation and certainly making arbitrary decisions for reasons that are not at all clearly articulated in the Guide.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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SecretAry SPCA

I was diagnosed in July and rushed to hospital and started Chemo the same day.
Other than a few days every 3 to 4 weeks, I was hospitalized until late December.
CSA made new assessment in November.The last Assessment made the previous November.

I provided 2 extensive medical reports to Centrelink and satisfied their requirements to receive my DSP.

CSA began collecting from my DSP almost immediately. I received no paper work until they made new assessment. There was no explanation for the increase, it was a generic letter. I was incapacited within the time allowance to object or deal with CSA. I have not contacted CSA directly because I have not been well enough to do so, however I am now.

This is the reason for queries of how to proceed first.

Would it be feasible to request an extension of time to object, and as Frenzy suggested, also provide an income estimate ?
I have been unemployed and receiving pension since last July.

Yes it would be feasible to request an extension of time to object and also provide an income estimate.

You cannot access a court unless you have been through COA, Objection to COA decision & SSAT Appeal. Read s116 of the child support (assessment) act to see exactly what you need to do to get to a court.
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