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What is included in CS school uniforms and items...?

Hi Mike T,
I have half of all school holidays, and these holidays I have the children (3) for the first day of school.
I have just picked them up for my 2nd half and given a typed letter by their mother saying that I have to provide new school shoes, new sports shoes and all school required items, ie textas/pencils/glue etc. and a list is attached for each child.
I believed that child support covers these items.
Could you please clarify for me, if possible.
         yes child support does cover such items.

If you have less than 14% care then you could purchase the items and have the cost credited towards your payments as a prescribed non-agency payment, if you have 14% or more care then I don't believe that you could claim the payment as a prescribed non-agency payment. Normal (or non-prescribed) non-agency payments also have the 14% barrier, they also require agreement from the other parent.

As such, I think you should simply advise the other parent that such costs are covered by the CS paid, as such items are included in the amounts that are used to derive the cost of children tables, therefore it is the responsibility of the receiving parent to use the CS received for such purposes and to pay for such items would be contrary to the object of the legislation to ensure that parents meet their financial responsibility toward their children.

Perhaps advise the other parent that a reason 3 (high costs of caring for, educating or training the child in the manner expected by the parents) change of assessment could be attempted but that you believe that school uniform purchase would not be considered as a special or out of the ordinary circumstance and that the attempt would very likely be rejected.
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