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CS private payments via bank transfers into payees account.

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Hard and fast rules on statement?

There is method in my madness.

Just a question. When a payer transfers CS funds into the payees account are there any hard and fast rules for transaction description when a private verbal agreement is made, including in-kind payments?

.Examples  A fictional example statement below child's name,payment dates and amounts are changed only. The rest has not.

(11/1/2010   Transfer to other Bank NetBank                   $130.00                                                   $426.00 Cr. )

                         For Marmaduke

(25/1/2010 Transfer to other Bank Netbank                     $120.00                                                     $106.36 Cr )

                            Marmaduke's Child support

(8/2/2010  Transfer to other Bank Netbank                        $130.00                                                    $666.66 Cr  )                   

                        Marmaduke's needs 

(22/2/2010 Transfer to other Bank Netbank                        $120.00                                                      $106.66 Cr )

                        for Marmaduke

Is the above example still proof of payments? I cannot find any binding, written in cement, formats in the CSA's rules books.
Everything you show them has to verified by the ex. It is hard to dispute if the payments have gone to the payees bank account.
Fairgo thanks for that.

All have the funds have been paid into her account.

So no matter what excuse she may have,the statements don't lie.

If she states to CSA I have only just began on 27/2/2012 to have my son 52 days a year she can not hold water with an excuse  like" He put that into the account and I gave some back every for night so he had money for his son's entertainment"

Keep in mind that she rang up on 26/2/2012 CSA to have CSA end the private arrangement and declare I now have my son 52 day per year.

In other words she can't say I was having my son every fortnight when her and CSA say I was having him 0 days?

Hope you can see between the lines here?
I'm not too sure what you are getting at but I think it's best to let C$A collect as per their assessment and don't pay anything more so it's out of your mind.
No probs Fairgo it's exactly that.Time to sit back and let the wheels turn as you said.
And the added advantage of CSA collect, is that you only pay them once a month (more oten if you want), and they will pay the other parent once a month.

Only said that because it looked like you were paying fortnightly, so the payment routine/frequency could possibly change for the payee.

Oh and just a reminder. CS is paid in arrears, so it could be that for the first month, you would pay CSA less than the monthly assessment rate, and that is what they will pass on to the payee.

And Ossman, please make sure you pay on time though, we don't want to see you chalking unnecessary late fees.
Thanks for the input Boots.

With the statements showing I have paid generously CS as required, I am not in a debt. The statements are in the mail to the Objections branch. At worse I put it down to experience.
CS is now taking care of payments and since I have been on disability for 2 months and have son 52+ days per year I am informed I do not have to pay anything now. After FDR I will be having my son a great deal more, which I am very confident about, and thus she will have to pay me.
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