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credit not appearing on new look CSA statement

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I have a new look CSA statement that clearly states I have a credit on my account from last month due to an income estimate being reconciled. This credit then appears as a "debit" on the current months charges and is "added" to my ongoing monthly obligation.

I am now asked to pay the ongoing monthly obligation with no mention at all of the credit (or the alleged "debit" for that matter) from last month being credited. Does this mean I am gifting the credit to the payee?
You only gift the payments if you have agreed to do so! I would be calling them and ask them! Tell them you wish not to gift the payment!
I think the new statements are not accurate until next month, due to the lag of when they printed them between the new and old, but I would still call to check just to see the current balance debits and credits. ;)
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