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court order for retrospective ammendment?

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can it happen?

Hello .Up until a few months ago I had regular care of my son.His mother and I had a disagreement ,and now she wont let me see him.She called csa and told them she has 100% care .The csa called me and asked If this was the case,I said yes ,but it wasnt my choice. As a result I now pay over double the child support that I was paying,and I dont get to see my son.Amazing.
 Needless to say I have started legal action,to see my son ,but this seems to be taking forever.I did start to object to the new csa assessment,on the grounds that I would be likely to see my son,during the assessment period.However I stopped the objection process because ,proving this to the csa was going to be near impossible without a court order.
Anyway ,I may apply for a retrospective ammendment after I get a parenting order .Does anyone here have a similar experience,and what were the results?
Can I apply to a court for an order ,to get the csa to apply the retrospective ammendment legislation section 75 (I think)
Thanks for reading.
              I somehow doubt that you would have any success. I think that the CSA and even a court would say you didn't have the access they will just amend the assessment from the date that you get access.
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