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I am a paying father I pay nearly $700 a mth!! Recently the mother to my child contacted my partner informing her that she has now moved back to NZ with her other 3 children. I am confussed as to how CSA can say I have to pay the mother when she is no longer living in Australia nor does she have our child???? since neither of us have our child shouldn't she be paying childsupport aswel?? CONFUSSED?????
Who has your child? if the mother is not supporting the child any longer then this should in theory be a some kind of terminating event under the CSA legislation
From what I've herd the grandmother has her.
Then the grandmother should recieve CS from the both parents.

Makes me wonder what happens if the child moves out and lives by itself or uni when it isn't 18? Does the payer stil have to pay the payee for a child in no ones custody?  
Have you read this section of the CS guide?

From what it says about a terminating event if a child leaves the care of both parties to an assessment then in your case a terminating event might apply.

Does the mother have any care at all? like in holidays. I am guessing you could ring/write to CSA and advise them of the change in care but if your ex disputes it you may need proof.

Can you contact the grandmother or maybe send the police to the grandmothers for a welfare check which might confirm the child is living there?
How would you go about getting the police to do a welfare check from NZ??
Are you living in NZ and the child is still in Australia?, sorry just confused. If the child is in Australia, you can ring the police in the town the child lives. You could also ask the relevant state welfare authorities to to check if the child is ok..
yes I am living in NZ always have. My daughter was born and raised in Australia. That helps me out alot thanks.
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