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CoA-where do CSA get their income figures from?

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I am contemplating a reason 8 CoA against the OP who has quit their job (resulting in our CS doubling). CoA team at CSA told me to lodge a CoA, and include my own payslips. I had a recent objection allowed where the SCO  mentioned that they got income information for the OP direct from their employer & the ATO.

If I lodge a CoA against the OP, will CSA contact my own employer & ATO and find out the ins and outs of a ducks butt about how much i pay into super, health cover etc? These are direct debited from my pay and I dont want the OP having this info. Or will they be happy with my pay slips?

After all, its the OP capacity to earn that I'm querying, not my own.
I think you should just get a copy of the COA form and see what they are asking for.
I would love tO know this as well. We have had the same thing happening to us (op quitting work and milking it now)
I believe that the CSA subscribe to an annual report that lists such information.
The CSA should go on your last years tax returns to estimate your CS income.

If the matter is taken further through objections then you will have to show bank account details and other financials, Then your extra super will be added onto the CS amount.
thats what im trying to avoid. I dont want them seeing the breakdown of my outgoings which is what will happend if they contact my employer/ATO direct. If I give them my pay slip only, they wont see the deductions.

In the past C$A have just used my tax returns. But I'm worried that if i submit a CoA they will look for the additional information and give it to the ex.

Fairgo, the CoA form just asks for my payslip, but as I mentioned earlier, C$A actually got info from the ex's employer & ATO when we objected to an income estimate.
The CSA and ATO are in intimate contact constantly.

2 days after my tax return was submitted my CS was adjusted by the CSA without any action by me.
What super payments are you making that the ATO and thus CSA do not know about ?
Unless it is cash they know.

Does what you are trying not to expose make any difference to your assessment ?
What can you gain ?
You can make them work again ?

I'd like to know more as my payee is working and it hasn't changed my CS yet.
wabbit, I have always had to wait 3 months after a lodging a tax return before my CS is changed.

The super payments i make are totally legit deductions from my pay and i pay tax on them. I just dont want to give the OP any info at all about my finances lest they use it against me later. They cant be trusted to act with integrity or sensibility.

if i do the CoA and divulge all this info, i may be able to get the OP to return to full time work.
If the payslips are all they have asked for then just provide this. If you use an accountant or tax agent to lodge your tax returns then C$A will also have access to them and all your records they have. It looks like you are worried that C$A will see that you have the capacity to pay more as you can afford to extra $$$ into super etc…

As you are the payer C$A might use your application to increase your liability as the ex may respond to your application with a counter claim. It comes down to your overall income and lifestyle. If she is worst off than you C$A will try to find a way of increasing your liability. As she has given up her job in theory the tests that the payer has to undergo to see if they are doing this to reduce child support should be the same for the payee but don't hold your breath on this one. C$A need to also increase your liability so funds are raised to pay for their existence as every dollar you pay in child support reduces the ex's family benefits by 50c till the base rate.
She wont return back to work because she will be
getting more CS payments.

Hang on a minuet……..

The CSA use your taxable income from the ATO to work out the amount of CS payable.

EG:-  Income of $ 100
Child Support of $ 75

Live on expenses = $ 25

So therefore $ 5 of income can be paid to extra super.

That shouldnt effect CS payments
Frenzy, i think you're right. If i object about the OP not working despite capacity & ample opportunity, i will get stung with "Deem & Destroy" (CoA).

I just paid $5K to get care orders. I dont think the finances can take another hit. Isnt it wrong that i am intimidated into submission by a welfare cheat?
The COA will use last assessment unless convinced to do otherwise. If you earn more money this tax year, so long as you lodge your tax return on time, your csa rate will change for the tax year to come. There is no penalty for not advising of the increase in income. This is not always a good . I am a payer. Since feb 2O11 my ex has been earning equal or more than me. The last tax return only showed half his true earnings. We have a 50/50 child care arrangement, so for the last 12 months he should actually have been paying me child support.  Instead I have been required to pay him $80 a week. He is under no obligation to advise the CSA of this increase. I have lodged both an objection to a decision and a change of assessment. CSA have advised me verbally that I there is a good chance I will win.
We have also lodged a CoA on the CTE of the payee. DH is not self employed, he does his tax on time, so I don't see where they can get the capacity to pay from…but you never know with the CSA. We haven't sent them anything except the form. No pay slips, no nothing and I don't even see how our expenses matters, she is the one who quit work.

Have C$A asked for any supporting information re your CoA? I was told that CoA take 4 months now as there is a backlog of them. This is an unacceptable delay, meanwhile parents are paying the wrong amount of CS and some wont be able to get the overpayments back!

If I was to offer that kind of customer service at work I would get my butt kicked. How do C$A get away with such shoddy service? People's livelihood and their ability to support their families are being manipulated. This is serious business.

I now believe that the OP has convinced C$A to get my income information direct from my employer without even giving me the opportunity to present a pay slip. This has all been done behind my back with no input or opportunity for redress from me. Disgraceful.
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