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COA timeframes?

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How long will it take to get a COA through?

My ex has threatened to make a COA to force me to pay school fees (12k a year in total).  Given that I am in the process of going bankrupt and she looks very good on paper (able to put away 8-10k a year voluntary super) just bought $25k worth of new cars etc. I don't expect she has much of a chance (although I do realise this is the CSA we are talking about.)

How long after she has filed the paperwork would I expect to receive it in the mail?  Could the CSA have advised her against it due to our very differing financial circumstances?  I would have expected to have received something by now.

Any advice much appreciated!

I got mine within 5 days of the application being received by the CSA
Thanks, seriously.  It may well be that she has decided not to lodge it given that she was supposedly doing the paperwork at the very beginning of November.  That's what I'm hoping, anyway!
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