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COA timeframes?

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How long will it take to get a COA through?

Around a month ago ex threatened to get a COA to force me to pay for school fees for our children.  I'm on the verge of bankruptcy.. just sorting out the final paperwork to make that happen.  Obviously, there is no way I can continue to pay the school fees, and in fact paying school fees when I should have been paying other bills has contributed to my current financial situation.

Does anyone have any ideas of how long it will take, once she has submitted COA paperwork for it to reach me?   Hopefully she has changed her mind (she will not communicate with me on this matter, other than the original threat) but I feel like I'm just waiting for the axe to fall.   She has just bought herself and my son new cars, as well as stashing away significant salary sacrifice super (8k - 10k a year), whereas I can't even afford to get the fan fixed in my old beat up car.  Maybe she realised that she looks pretty darn good on paper compared to me!  Is it possible that the CSA have advised her that she doesn't stand much of a chance??

Any advice or experiences appreciated!

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