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COA -Special Circumstances - Advice Please

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COA Special Circumstances - Self Employed - No curent tax return

Hi Guy's,
First time poster …..Hi to you all…..

Dont want to provide too much detailed information straight up .. so will keep it short and sweet for now.

My ex wife has submmited a COA Special Circumstances as she believes i am hiding undeclared income… this is not the case i have merely not submitted my tax return as yet …i only provided a provisional at the start of the tax year as i am self employed and would not know how much i had finally earnt until the end of the year.
A recent COA  decision has just lapsed and that is the reason for the new application as my income details have reverted to the lower figure as i said because i have not yet filed last years tax return…this has been completed now.
I intend to lodge immmediately and the csa will see obviously that my actual income is way above my projected figure… this isnt a problem as i always expect to pay the right amount of child support.
What i do object to and the advise that i am loking for … is what happens if i do not reply to the COA and simply lodge my latest tax return ?
The main reason for this is that i no longer wish for my ex wife to have any of my financial or personal information as she constantly uses this against me with our child, and i feel it is an invasion of my privacy to supply and share this.

Please can anyone offer any advice or insight to what the possibles negatives may be of me not responding ….
Many Thanks In Advance…


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