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COA process how does this work?

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New to this site and this is my first post. I recently recieved an application for a COA.

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I recently recieved an application for a COA. As my ex wife put in for 'capacity to earn more'. Now I must point out that (even though I struggle financially at times) I do pay my cs and I pay it on time every month also I pay school fees on top of cs.

On the forms my exwife has requested that this COA is for the years 2005 until Dec 2008? I am not sure how this is possible as I have done my tax returns every year and paid what CSA has informed to pay in each of these years. Anyone know?

Also on replying to the COA forms I never signed the last page as I do not agree with my exwife been informed of my financial position in such detail. ( which I thought was my right) To my horror CSA sent me a letter casually informing me that all my forms has been passed onto my exwife. How is this possible? I mean they have my tax return details infront of them and all the info THEY need! Why do that when I didnt sign them to agree to it? Also I have had my phone appointment (just brief mind you)and I would like to know is that it? I mean I have been waiting for a long time now for the decision how long does it take?? I find this really depressing.

The reason I did not sign the form is that I have a terrible history with my exwife which to cut a long story short after the devastation of my family falling apart (of course her new fella new first) CSA on my heels, exwife informing me I was useless, not needed, I'm just a financial father, having to live in a caravan etc. After I and a half years of that I hit rock bottom and tried to take my own life (fortunately I am still here) Iam on medication for the rest of my life, that was all 6 yrs ago and still my exwife is extremely vindictive controlling demanding all in regards to Money money money. hence why I didn't sign the forms!  Luckily for me I have moved on with my life and am repartnered with a fantastic woman.  Whole thing abit long but any advice out there?    Paddy.
Haven't got advice Paddy, will leave that to the experts.  But my partner (and ultimately myself) is going through the same situation as you again now after walking a similar path to you also 6 years ago.  Same thing, same greed, same nastiness, all over money! I guess it might help if you know you're not alone.;)

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Paddy said
I am new to this site and this is my first post. I recently recieved an application for a COA. As my ex wife put in for 'capacity to earn more'. Now I must point out that (even though I struggle financially at times) I do pay my cs and I pay it on time every month also I pay school fees on top of cs.
You are allowed to claim these fees as payments to the person you pay via CSA. ANYTHING you do in relation to your children, that is a compulsary school item is allowed to be claimed by you as an offset of your payments. this means shoes, uniforms, bags, trips, fees and more…. My experience is that the CSA allow these through almost all of the time.

I hope you keep receipts, they are the key to your success


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Capcity to earn more is if you are not resonably working as much as you could such as you work 20 hours a week when you could work a standard working week of 38, you have changed your job and you earning more or have got a pay rise and they want this included in an assessment. There is also the slender chance that csa can see you are minimising your income by taking on a low paid job.There is also that your annual taxbale income deosnt refelct what you actually earn per week because you were out of work . Income minimisation on all fronts is the thrust of Capacity to earn claims (not saying its diliberate) and ensuring the the asssment takes in the whole of a persons income.

They are trying to establish exactly what you earn per week/fortnight or anually so they can break it down and take a % based on the formula.

Some people just use Coa as a way to continualy object to csa or create doubt about paying csa or just try and harass the other person through csa. Some COa is litigtimate.

Coa is not granted if they feel that you are working appropriate hours and you cnat really be paid any more than you are.


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A few years back I began a battle with the CSA as they denied Non Agency Payments (NAPs) I claimed against my CS. These payments were for school books and uniforms (they accepted school fees.). Their denial was due to my not purchasing these items from the school my child attended, but local businesses. I argued that schools were not in the business of retail but education, that my childs school did not sell these items. This arguement had no effect and I had no rights of objection.

Some 18 months later, after many letters, ABC media coverage, local MP and Executive Paliamentry Committee intervention, they changed the regulations allowing such claims. But still, they denied my claims as they predated the changes to the regulations. They did allow me to apply for compensation, which was successful, but meant I had to submit even more paperwork and have every item scrutinised.

When these regulations were changed, it allowed for the abovementioned claims, but they didn't allow for the other party to have rights of objection. Not suprisingly, because payee parents (read 98% mothers) were left on the back foot, it took less than a month to have their rights rectified in the regulations.

Since this time I have heard of both parents buying uniforms and disallowing the paying parents purchase, despite the purchase predating the mothers. The CSA refusing runners because they are an everyday item, of the CSA knocking back school trips and camps because they aren't considered a compulsory component to educating the child. In essence, the other parent has a right to object and the CSA discretion. I would suggest having them put in writing what would be legitimate claims or better still, have the ex put in writing she approves of such purchases and agrees they be deducted from the child support you pay.

The moral of this post is don't assume the CSA will allow NAPs.

As to the COA forms, each gets a copy of the others with little or no censoring. If you are the respondent provide as little info as possible on the forms and they have no choice to accept it. If they try to bully you, tell them where to go and say you're not an accountant.

Unless they said they were going to phone back for more info, your phone appointment was it. Takes around 4-6 weeks for an answer, then you can object if need be. The COA decision will stand until an objection/court/SSAT overturns it.

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