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I had my income estimate for child support payments lowered as a result of an injury and ongoing mobility issues which lead to me dropping my hours to part time. The doctors have now cleared me to work full time again and so I am. However the ex has lodged an SSAT objection (after his original objection to the COA failed). I've put my current income estimate in the SSAT form but have not told CSA. Do I need to do so or is filling out the SSAT form enough?
bigfish, you need to tell CSA or you could cop penalites for not estimating your income correctly. When you do your tax, they will backdate your assessment using the Adjusted Taxable Income (ATI) on your tax return.

Here is what the CSA website says:

If your circumstances change after you have made an estimate you must advise the Child Support Agency of the change. You can make another estimate to reflect your changed circumstances. Income estimates will be automatically checked against the actual income as soon as the tax return is lodged.

Where your actual adjusted taxable income is equal to, or lower than, the estimated income, the estimate will be confirmed. If your adjusted taxable income is higher, your child support will be reassessed for the time the estimate is used based on your actual adjusted taxable income.

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Thanks Bdouble but I called the CSA and they assured me that I didn't need to update my income estimate as I had already done so with the SSAT objection. Once you have a CoA then you can only update income estimates through lodging another CoA.
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