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My DH's ex has applied for a COA under reason 8. The background is this. The ex has remarried and has been working for herself for a couple of years. She has stated that her income is $15K previously but as she is due to give birth in the next couple of weeks she has nil income. My DH & I work for ourselves, we have a partnership. We both work equally - he physcially me doing the business role - ie seeking new businesses, managing the business and so forth. The business would not exist without each other. We are certainly not hiding anything and have always paid was CSA have requested plus a number of ex gratia payments so the child doesnt miss out on things. Last year my husbands earning were 52K and mine the same. We have no problem with the COA, however, they have requested all our bank statements, P & L statements and financials. That is fine except my name is on all of those and quite frankly, I do not want her to see my details. My husband does not have a bank statement in only his name.  Can the CSA retrieve this information without my permission? How do we supply financials and so forth showing only his share of the business income and expenses?

I would appreciate your advice.
Simply black out (both sides) of the details that you don't want the other parent to see. Perhaps add a note explaining what has been blacked out and why.

You should also be aware that the CSA and SSAT (Social Security Appeals Tribunal) are shown (Ombudsman's report late 2010 for CSA, court appeal decisions for SSAT) to use, to quote one such decision, "Palm Tree Justice" or in other bias against the liable parent and very especially so for small businesses where they have been known to resort to absolutely disgusting distortions of and or omissions from the legislation.

The CSA have been known to use years old business loan applications as the business's income, to base annual incomes on the highest week(s) income, to disregard the safety of the public, to disallow legitimate expenses, to reach conclusions such as "we have found that both X & Y contribute to the business equally" to then without explanation that they are paid equally(sic) by apportioning $5,000 to the non-CSA liable company partner and $50,000 to the CSA liable company partner, …….. Do a search on Ladd on here. Ladd fought and beat them. You will very likely have to do the same. SSAT appear to making similar decisions, I believe that ex CSA SCO's have moved into SSAT.

After COA you will be provided with the decision. You have 28 days in which to object if you believe that decision is incorrect. You will be given a decision in regards to the objection. Again you have 28 days after the notification of the decision to raise the matter with SSAT and again 28 days after notification of the SSAT decision to apply to court.
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