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Legal basis for zeroing alledged debt of thusands of dollars

12 years after my daughters 2nd kidnapping, abduction & abuse event the Oz CSA has zeroed my 'alleged' debt. I have asked Director Sarah Kleinscmidt to disclose the legal basis for this, but this has beewn ignored. It seems the Australia Public Service Directors claim to have the "highest ethical standards" is arbitrary elective claptrap.

So the years of bullying are, by default, "administrative defects" which are compensable. These add to earlier "administrative defects", "errors" and (Assistant Director) "Pratts Oversights"

Seems that this sets a precedent though. All you can ask for is a review given that the CSA acknowledge their "administrative defects, errors and Oversights".

Email me if you want any more info. (No email provided)


Name withheld

 Editor notes: There are private details in this post that need to be removed. You will have to supply your email address if you want people to email you and take the names off the attached statement using some sort of tool such as "SnagIT". Other amendments have been made

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If you can demonstrate a financial loss from defective administration you can make a claim against them through the CDDA scheme - for details just Google "CDDA scheme"
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