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Payments!! how does it work??

Hi, i have a question that im hoping someone can answer…. i have just formed a company where i am one of two directors, i will also be an employee of this company and earning a weekly wage, how does child support work with this situation? does he get a percentage of what my weekly income of what the company pay me or does he get a percentage of what the company earns??

thanks, Mel
Under formula based assessment (i.e. the standard/normal process) your taxable income as per your tax return (more correctly your adjusted taxable income, adjustments being things like pre-tax super contributions, net investment losses and a few other things). However, should a reason 8 (a parent's income, property, financial resources, or earning capacity) change of assessment (COA) (also called a departure (departure from formula based assessment)) be initiated then the CSA would very likely, as you are the payer, find some ways of increasing your income.

Change of assessment has been termed "Deem and Destroy" by some and there's plenty of topics that detail some of the cons that the CSA employ.  A search on COA will likely result in quite a bit of reading.
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