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Child support with shared custody cover certain costs in full

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Does Child support estimate cover certain costs in full or only share of care.

Hello and thanks in advance.

Have two kids with shared custody 5 days / fortnight (36%).  Pay ex child support based on Child Support Estimator per agreement.  Also pay 1/3 extra-curricular costs (sports etc).  My income is higher but not significantly so.  Oldest child start high school (public) next year and ex has asked if I'm contributing to school fees / books / laptop etc.

Believe legally not obliged but willing to if 'fair'.  What uncertain about is whether the amount I pay based on CS Estimator covers my input to the full cost of school fees.  ie. If I separately pay these fees am I effectively paying twice as have already contributed my share towards the total cost in child support payment.  Or does it really only cover my assistance towards her custody share and I should put in about 1/3 reflecting my share of custody.

Not big $ but like to set some boundaries around what is covered as a few expenses like this come up and not good to keep debating.  Laptop treating as a nice to have so will contribute to that.
Child support officially covers everything (in reality something like 10 times everything) unless there are special circumstances, in which case a departure from  administrative assessment (generally termed a Change of Assessment) can be applied for under various reasons (10 reasons).

In fact if anything the reverse applies, if a paying parent, is paying for things then in some circumstances application can be made for such payments to be counted as CS payments (Non-Agency payments) and some such payments are even what are termed as Prescribed Payments (the latter, if the conditions are met, being indisputable). Note that as you have 33% care or thereabouts then the circumstances aren't met. However, it does show that, such payments are covered as they would basically be refunded.

School fees and also extra-curricular activities would come under Reason 3 (2.6.9). The costs of maintaining a child are significantly affected by high costs of caring for, educating or training the child in the way both parents intended or perhaps they could be covered by (but probably not from your description) 2.6.8 Reason 2 - the Special Needs of the Child.

Noting that many operatives who handle Change of Assessment will twist or pervert the legislation or even invent the existence of legislation to increase what is collected and virtually without doubt, as the legislation allows it, they will add in a Reason 8 (aka Deem and Destroy) .
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