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Child support for F/T student over 18

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I need advice regarding child support. My son will turn 18 @ end of this year. Child Support Agency send me a letter, where was stated that all payments from father will stop. My son is full time student  at Uni, working minimum hours. I'm employed part time. My son is 100% in my care, as father didn't make any contact with him for many years. I don't have any contact detail on my x except his employer. My question is, what is my next step to make father continue to pay.

thaks Srnka
My answer bad solely on personal knowledge is that you can have child support extended past 18 when child is in full-time secondary education ( and only until the end of the school year), since the rules regarding eligibility for income supplement consider child dependent until mid 20s unless certain criteria apply, option suggested to me by c/a was that child can apply for maintenance directly from other parent, this was some time ago ( and was not necessary in our instance), from memory advice was that this would require legal intervention, someone else may have more current info. My son was 18, July and in year 12. We dod not know you must apply prior to 18 birthday for it to be extended. Dad did not assist with costs for uni as we felt aggravation factor too big, my son was entitled to centrelink assistance and got part time work.
Srnka, if your son ever wants to contact his father and possibly get to know him, I can assure you this will never happen if you take him to court for paying after child support ends. In addition, at uni your son is entitled to HECS as well as Centrelink and if he is working minimum hours, he just might have to work a few more hours per week.
Babushka, that was our conclusion as well ( son/dad do have a relationship), we chose to struggle along rather than compromise that, and I forgot about HECS which my son also was able to access. Most uni students have to work, studying part time is also an option as is a year off  to work and save some money
solace, good points. I think there is a fine line one shouldn't cross when it comes to supporting a child. Instead of milking a father for all its worth because he "didn't make contact for many years", it might just be time to support oneself (not meaning to sound harsh, but that goes for mother and child). 
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