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Child Support Custody (NEED ADVICE PLEASE)

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I need advice regarding on my Case on Child Support

Hello, I thank God I found this useful site. I really need your advice regarding on my case about child support.  My husband resides in Australia and I (with my 2 Kids) reside here in the Philippines, our 2 kids below 18 years of age are currently receiving an on-going child support payments from their father for five years until now.

My husband wants me to apply my 1 child (16 Y/o) to migrate to australia and he needs from me the Statutory Declaration or Letter Of Consent to permit my child for VISA application as one of the main requirements for child visa below 18 years of age.

My question is, is there any grounds or reasons that my husband might use this document (Statutory Declaration / Written Consent made from the present of a Lawyer) to stop the on-going child support of my children or my child even if I still have the full custody/care of them? I am planning to give this consent or permission for the purpose of VISA application only. Once the VISA is approved, I don't want yet to migrate my child to his father since she is still young and below 18. My child is 16 years old and if her VISA will be approved I will only allow her to migrate when she will turn 18.

(I tried to seek for legal advice here in our country but they said they do not cover the laws and child support procedures since the case is in different Jurisdiction/Country, I hope your experiences and knowledge about child support will help my case and justice for my children)

Thank you in advance and I am hoping for your reply Please.
In Australia. the amount of child support you receive depends on two main factors - the income of the parents and how many nights the children are in your care. (+ plus a host of other factors as determined by the Child Support Agency)

Having your child move to Australia, will of course increase his percentage care of them, and reduce the child support you receive, but this should not be the main reason for not allowing your child to see the other parent.

You have not given any information as to whether there are court orders in place, or the citizenship of the child or the grounds of application for the visa (student/permant residency etc) or why he wants her to come to Australia, or even how your child feels about migrating.

Personally, it may be better (and cheaper) if you start really communicating with the child's father - he has a right to have contact with the child (unless court orders say otherwise), but the child's welfare is paramount and both parents should consider this first.
Sir/Maam Valere, I really thank you for the Advice and the information you have provided, He want to apply my child for Dependent Child VISA 101 this is a permanent VISA.

His reason is to apply this VISA since my child is still 16 y/o and the requirements are much easier to obtain unlike if he will apply it when my child turns 18 or over its harder for the requirements for the VISA.

He is not asking me to Migrate my child physically but just to apply for the VISA and its up to me to allow the child if the VISA is approved since the there is 4years of expiration once the VISA is approved.

There is no court orders in place maam/sir. THANKs in advance and you really helped me a lot.
As the child is domiciled in the Philippines then all the CSA in Australia will do is collect the Child support according to how it is calculated by the Philippines. Basically it is the Philippines child support legislation that is in affect and you should really check with someone who has knowledge of the Philippines CS system. However, I doubt that just having a visa would be grounds for any adjustment.

As the Philippines is a member of HCCH and has ratified the Hague convention on child protection, you should have little worry in regards to the children being abducted.

With regards to finding out more then it would appear that the following link may be useful for Philippine Law. Civil Code of the Philippines
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