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Child support arrears ?

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I have been in the CSA system for over three years and have always paid on time.

My situation now is I'm on a carers pension looking after my sick mother. I notified the CSA about my situationand change of circumstances and I could not afford to pay what I was paying.. I was told to send in bank statement ect, they virtually wanted to audit me. I said hang on Ihave already been through this with centrelink surely as the CSA and Centrelink are government departments you can find all this out with a phone call. Mind you, I'm only one month late in payment because of this.

I said well I refuse to send all this stuff again asit isvery time consuming. I said to the woman put it in writing and I will send you all you require. I knew she was miffed at this suggestion ( what!!! make me write a letter).

Anyway, I get my carers pension, and the CSA have remove money from my pension of more than the minimum rate which I should be paying because of my circumstances.

If I do nothing I know this will continue.

So any advice would be appreciated.

Personally I would supply the information otherwise you might simply be delaying a correct assessment that should be in your favour. However it's funny that they should ask this as I believe that the CSA routinely have access to bank accounts so likely have access anyway.

I do agree that undue stress should not be placed upon persons by them being made to provide the same details to multiple government departments/agencies and perhaps this is something that FLWG can try to get changed or improved, especially as it's all under the same portfolio/department.

It's very funny that when it's in their interest the information flows but not when it may not be in their interest.
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