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I guess this is a no brainer, but I am of the opinion that the child support system as it stands helps to keep people lazy and dependent.
I am a woman that, until I left my ex, I was totally financially dependent on him. When he paid child support I was still dependant but when he left work and did not return, ever, that made me get off my a*** and get a job. Now I have a great career. Only problem is now the shoe's on the other foot and he is the one holding out his hand. He hasn't worked  since 2003.
I see other women with great potential to start, or get back into, careers and professions but as there is no financial imperative because they receive over $2,000 month in child support they don't do it. What a waste of talent and what a burden for the other parent not to mention the bad message it sends to the kids.
Don't get me wrong, I think the CSA is very important in making recalcitrant parents face their responsibilities but at the end of the day it's about BOTH parents taking financial responsibility for their kids.  
The CSA needs to take BOTH parents capacity to EARN into account and not just the payers capacity to pay.
Interestingly the 2010 Ombudsmans report into the CSA said the very same thing. It will be a point I will bring up at the SSAT hearing next month.
You nailed it!

Hubbys ex quit work and even withheld access. She recieved a huge increase in support after quitting work and isn't keen to go back to full time employment. The kids are in their teens.

It did blow a massive hole in our pocket, but makes me even more determined to get the career I always wanted. You never know what will happen and I do not want to rely on someone else's income to have a quality of life. She receives so much CS but yet reduces the children's expenses (after school activitys and mobile phones). The kids do bot recieve it all. On the other hand, we get told off for not spending enough money on the children.

Anyway, she sends wrong signals and I never used to mind her at all. These days however, I do not think much of her. I am earning my own living through full time employment and study full time. I will continue to do so, even with children. She gave this up and my husband isn't pleased having to compensate her for her financial loss, after it was her choice.

All I can say is, that the whole situation encourages me to be even more succesfull. I can achieve this and feel good about it. So can every woman! Good on you!
I couldn't agree with you more, my DH pays a ridiculous amount of CS, his ex has retrained numerous times at the taxpayers expense and has worked since they separated, but she deliberately quit her job as soon as the SPP stopped and her mutual obligation ceased.  She then went after hubby for more money, even though what she was receiving was more than enough to support their son.

The CS is about to dry up for good and she will be up the creek without a paddle, the house she lives in is about to be sold from under her and she will be lucky to have enough money to rent a caravan and will most likely result in her having to move in with her parents.

I am at the stage now, where we couldn't care less, the system has done this to her and the system can deal with it.  They are not doing them any favours in the long run.
Big Fish

Can you show me a link to where you have read this.

The CSA needs to take BOTH parents capacity to EARN into account and not just the payers capacity to pay.
Interestingly the 2010 Ombudsmans report into the CSA said the very same thing. It will be a point I will bring up at the SSAT hearing next month.
Here it is.

need advice about bfs rights to care..struggling to cope

Hi everyone, been spending hours on this site looking at all the posts and its amazing how much trouble people have and how many people Men and women rape the system.

Would like some info about dads rights to see son nearly 5 years old.

-previously ex said he could only stay one night at a time but it is always at her discretion often cancelling at last minute or 'forgetting' when arrangements have been made.  -We tried then giving her all the dates he is home (works a 4days on/4 days off roster in mining) but she wanted specific flight details (all in my opinion a ploy to retain some sense of control over him). fine we gave them to her. but still she changes or cancels. 

-He really just wants an easy life so tries not to argue with her (he doesnt argue infront of son, but she often starts arguement in front of son resulting in him giving in so he doesnt see)

-Son is now in prep so she says we can only have him at weekends (we live 45mins away from her (he still owns and pays half) which i do not believe is an unreasonable distance to travel on school days if we were to get him..another arguement entirely)

-due to dads roster he would only get 2 weekends per month therefore approximately 26 weekends per year= only 52 nights per year!!!!  -i spent ages drawing up a calendar for her and us (i work away too on a different roster so our life is on a calendar) requesting the weekends dad was home.(to make it easy and clear for all)      -by week one she had already changed plans and organised things on 'our days'.  dad keeps saying he will talk to her but nothing seems to change.  im not sure if she thinks she will lose CS if we have him more but even 52 nights doesnt bring the care percentage up.

-he always pays on time and she now has stopped working (was doing family daycare part time in the house) meaning that next year her CS may go up.  she has then called him to tell him that she is in debt (borrowed money from her dad and boyfriend) and cannot afford to pay her half of the mortgage on the house so will have to claim bankruptsy.  dad is now thinking of taking over the house (her just signing over the property to him) so she wouldnt have to go bankrupt and using it as investment property.

I am just upset that dad pays ~$300 per week and ex obviously hasn't saved any of it for use on son.  What kind of life is she providing shifting him from mums to boyfriends to home and not working to provide for him.

1. Will investment property affect his CS if he negatively gears the house?  2.  If he salary sacrifices a car for us will it affect CS?   3. Advice on whether it would be a good idea to state that we have been patient with lack of access but she needs to come to the table or we may have to seek legal advice (really don't think he would but i imagine him having a good stable job, house, and can provide compared to her no job, living at parents, heavily in debt would stand him in good stead for a case to have 50/50 care.   4. Is it possible to have an agreement that would allow him to stop paying CS for a couple of years in exchange for him helping her out of bankruptsy? If it was a signed agreement would she be able to go back on it?

Sorry for the long email. I just love him and she always seems to be the cause of the only arguements we have.  I am trying to step back but if we plan on having a life together it cant continue like this.
Any agreements you make with her should always be in writing and preferably drawn up by a lawyer, just to be safe.

And regarding getting access to the child-start with mediation through Relationships Australia. Its recorded that you have attended. You can then maybe get the mother to agree to consent orders.

My experience has been that the longer you leave things, the harder they are to change. Decide what you want and get busy making it happen.

CS will only be affected by a rental income if the payee tells C$A that you are making big $$$$$ and she is on poverty row. Of course any income you get from a rental will have to be declared to ATO & it will increase your CS. C$A will then decide that you need to share your wealth-like communists.

C$A will only include a salary sacrifice car lease if they know about it or it if it appears on a group certificate. Their only object is to share any parental wealth equally regardless of who worked for it.

CS is the ONLY source of arguments in my house.
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