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Child from previous relationship costs more than 2 children to new realtionship!

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Just have a hopefully quick question!

As you are probably aware from previous posts my husband pays CS.

He pays approx $7000 p/y for 1 child under 13; however, only $8000 is set aside for our 2 children (also under 13).

I have spoken to CSA and they have told me this is fair as it takes into consideration both parents income (exand his) and this is the amount he has to pay.

I asked what about my children- they only have a monetry value of apparently $4000 each! - CSA informed me that to work out the monetry value of them only his income is used!

I understand that second children are seen to be cheaper - but his ex also has two children (one to another sucker who receives CS for) so surelytheamount goes down?

I seriously don't think that it is fair that his child from a previous relationship is seen to be worth more in money terms than my two children?!

NB. Please note that I donnot see children as being dollar signs and I do not place a monetry value on them - I have only written in this way to hopefully get my point across.

If anyone can please shed some light for me other than the token 'its the legislation' it would be greatly appreciated.
Your complaint appears to be against the fact that CS children often have 2 regarded incomes, whilst relevant dependant children only have 1 income regarded. However to not be unfair, as you appear to see it, then the income of the other parent of the relevant dependant children would have to be considered and I'd suggest that a far greater percentage of CS payers and recipients and their partners would consider that unfair.

When it comes down to costs, relevant dependant children actually have the first bite of the income (i.e. their cost reduces the income used in determining the cost of the CS children) and thus RDC's can often have a greater support cost.

Another consideration, relevant to your situation, is that the costs associated with two children are also less due to economies of scale, this also considered in the formula. i.e. if you were to have only the one relevant dependant child rather than two then the costs would not be half of the $8000.

e.g. An income of $51840, for two RDC's equates to a cost of the two children of $8000. Changing that to 1 RDC results in a cost of the one child as $5585.
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