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My fiance has two boys and one has now moved in with us and spends 2 nights a fortnight with his mother. Why hasn't the Child Support amount changed?

Hi There

I am frustrated my fiance; has two boys one has now moved in with us and spends 2 nights a fortnight with his mother

but chiild support has barely changed. when i made a generalinquiry through CSA and gave income ages etc they advised we should only be half of what the

paper documents sent to us are stating. My fiance; then called CSA and they have informeed him this is correct???

I myself have used the calculation and it seems even when both boys lived with their mother and spent every 2nd weekend with us we were still being charged double what the the CSA's own calculator states where do we go from here
If there has been a change to the number of days/nights contact then you need to advise the CSA either by phone or letter. The CSA will then contact the other parent to confirm the new arrangements. The payment rate will be amended if both parties agree that the contact regime as set out is correct. There is a simple and an advanced calculator on our site here that you should use to calculate the correct payments. The CSA can tell you all about this over the phone.  

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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