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Change of Assessment - Her estimated income is now $1!

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Child support has nearly doubled and we have 46% of the care - has anyone got any suggestions - we have rung CSA and we were told "We can't force people to work."

Hi I'm new here. I notice that there are a number of people here like me, ie living with a divorced father and struggling with the CSA.

We have the kids living with us 46% - my partner has a 2 week on/2 week off fly in/fly out job - so he has his 2 boys while he is home.

The mother has changed the estimate of her income 5 times in the last year, so it is really hard to budget as the payment keeps changing. The latest income estimate is $1. When we received the letter I assumed it was a printing error, we rang the CSA and they said that it was correct.

I know she is not working but she must be getting Family Payment or something similar - is that taken into account? She is renting a house in one of the more exclusive suburbs of Adelaide - the rent must be getting paid somehow - why don't the CSA ask her how or is it up to us to find out?

Anyway our payments have gone up from about $500 to about $800 a month and we have the kids for two weeks of the month. Has anyone got any ideas?
Parenting payment is taxable income however it is less than the 18-19k threshold before it effects things like child support. I have found that if a payee earns up to 30k the child support they receive does drop quite a bit. In some cases it is not worth earning much over 18-19K for this reason.

She would also get rent assistance and a lot of other benefits being on parenting payment so yes she will be abel to afford to pay rent etc… especially with the $200 per week she gets from your partner.

Not a bad deal for a parent/child support payee who only has to parent for roughly half the time.
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