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Reasons for COA declined

Change of Assessment Reprieve.
About October  this year we received a COA from CSA regarding my husband's unemployed status. The ex partner requested to have the monthly CSA payments doubled to $400 per month, an increase from the fixed amount presently used, as he has not completed 2007-2008 taxable income assessment.

I verified my financial support for my husband (he cannot claim any Centrelink, as my earnings are greater than the Centrelink threshold earnings) while he is not working, by submitting two current payslips from my employer, but  I refused to forward documents relating to my bank accounts (hubby doesn't have any bank accounts, etc) detailing household expenses which I pay from my own account.

The Application to change the current assessment was DECLINED

Yes, I am amazed that there is some justice in the world. Payee (ex wife) stated that Payer (husband) was working for 'undeclared cash funds' which was unsubstantiated by CSA.

In the letter from CSA they stated current legislation for COA:

The assessment can only be changed if, in the special circumstances of the case, a reason is established and the change is fair to the children, both parents and the community.

Reason 8 was not established
and to increase the payer's income earning capacity three specific criteria are established,

   a) The parent does not work despite ample opportunity to do so, or he/she has reduced the number of hours worked to below normal full time hours.

   b) The parent's decision is not justified because of his or her own health, or

      Alternatively, their responsibilities to care for another person.

   c) The parent has not shown that a major purpose of the decision was not to effect child support.

Payee also wanted the increase backdated from April 2007. The CSA stated in the letter this would be highly prejudicial to Payer and would have to go to Family Court, with extenuating circumstances for this to occur.

To everyone that gave me advice on the website, thanks very much.

To those Dads that are lucky enough to see their kids at Christmas, enjoy!

To the families, like us, that will never ever see the kids, live in the present and enjoy the friends and families that support you.
Golden rules of dealing with CSA:

1. challenge everything with SSAT, Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner

2. do not initiate COA - outcomes are too unpredictable

3. Initiate every contact in writing.  Do not rely on their telephone records.

4. Use a PO Box and mobile phone for contact purposes.

5. Tell anyone/ everyone you know  how bad they are

6. Get used to looking after yourself because no one else will.

… and for the CSA operatives who might read this stuff; I hope you have the misfortune of your CSA colleagues pursuing you one day for every lst cent you have.   
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