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Change of assessment and 18 month rule

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Adding two year old receipts to a change of assesement

Hi there,

The CSA can amend an assessment for up to 18 months before the application date of the CoA application.

There may be a change of assessment coming my way for medical expenses for my child that was paid for by ex st least two years ago. No regular ongoing visits since then.

My question is whether the CSA can amend an assessment based on medical  receipts presented in an CoA application and these receipts are about two years old? Would the application even be valid given the csa can only amend up to 18 months retrospectively.

The csa guide does not cover this in any detail.
thanks in advance.

The primary issue here is 'is the payment meeting a valid non-agency payment or prescribed non-agency payment AND was the money spent as part of an agreed non-agency payment OR was it a payment made where the parties do not agree but made under the prescribed non-agency payments exemptions.

AND if a prescribed non-agency payment do I meet the criteria for the prescribed payment. ie under 14% care and another 'gotcha' is 'have I been paying at least 70% of the monthly child support liability on time.

If a valid expense has not previously been brought to attention, regardless of the age, it is likely it would be accepted as a valid expense if it has not had any proper claim or input to any other determination and is in the child support case time frame. Other rules and determinations would apply during the Change of Assessment and on the day, how the determining officer feels about the complete application. Is it just and reasonable?

In a nutshell, I would suggest the receipts would be valid and will be included subject to the above criteria.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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