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This is the first time I have used this site thank goodness I can gain advice with no fee attached!! I am attending court this Friday in regards to contact arrangement. A Prior court visit the judge instructed me to contact CSA for school fee issues. CSA have not given me any results back yet. I am seeking that my ex pay half of a parent controlled schools fees. I have applied for COA on basis of mutual intention of both parents as he already attends school there. Last year I enrolled my son into the kinder inside the school which I have paid for it all. My ex has had no involvement or disputed any of my decsions with my sons  child care/kinder for the last 4 years as I have paid it all. Now that I cannot afford the fees I have asked for financial support from my ex to pay half the fees. He now disagreed and says he wants him to got a public school.  After the interview with the report writer for court he has stated that he does not oppose him going to the school as long as I pay for all the fees. HOw will this stand up with CSA??  Do you think they will award him to pay half school fees?? Is there possibility that as CSA has not given me an outcome will I be able to adjourn this issue to another date ??

Not sure?? Please offer me any advice…
The C$A generally favour the payee in this situation especially if both parents have agreed to the schooling choice and both parents have the capacity to pay the fees.

Not necessarily, you need proof of the other parties intention? The payee in our case claimed that private school was in the payers intention, but the payer never intended such thing. He wasn't on enrollment papers and she had no written proof, which resulted in no money going her way. She enrolled the kids without us even knowing. Different story, but without proof, it will be hard…
That's right you will need proof and often the fact the kids are already in private primary education is often enough to justify a claim that the intention existed for them to continue into private secondary education. If your financial circumstances have changed and you have decided that you cannot afford private education C$A can still make you pay.
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