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My husband's ex applied for a change of assessment back in June. There was a lot of toing and froing as at first she wanted a private agreement, then she rejected it and so forth. Evenutally, she withdrew the application. At this stage, we hadnt sent anything yet. Two weeks later, CSA advise that she has requested the COA again.  We asked for the paperwork to be sent to us. What arrived was exactly the same as the one she withdrew. All the information is from June. We have argued to CSA that this application was withdrawn and that she has to make a new application. They said no, she could use the same one. Is this correct?
I would suggest she can use the same application PROVIDING that the financial information relative to the application has not changed. If there is a change of financial information provided that affects the outcome one way or another then it would make much sense to update the application.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Thank you for that but the bank accounts she has sent are from June, it is now November and they are asking for the last three months statements from us yet have statements that are nerarly 6 months old from her and nothing current.
hi…if the CSA are so incline, they can directly seek information from employers/banking insitutions for more up to date details.  The case maybe where one of the party's are claiming a much lower income and the issue is that their earning capacity is higher than their taxable income, then CSA will attempt to look behind the vail of privacy through third parties…

The whole process of COA is very intrusive…Good luck!
I doubt the COA process is any more intrusive than it needs to be.  Proceedings about finances are intrusive regardless of who conducts them.
The COA process has historically been the cause of considerable opprobrium from the Ombudsman and others. It is frequently abused both by the SCOs making the determinations (who have KPIs based on maximising the size of assessments and have frequently assessed capacity to earn/pay at much higher levels than really exists) and by payees as a form of harassment.

I'm also unsure as to the purpose of providing bank statements, unless there is some dispute about transfers, in which case her statements should be sufficient as proof. I'd be very wary about providing anything to the CSA without having good and specific information as to what the information is required for.

Unfortunately, whilst they're quite good at bullying and threatening, they're not very good at maths, especially accounting, or the Law.
with bank statements you can get them ammended so that only the relevant information is shown ie weekly payment of child support from one account to another showing dates and how much etc. just an open bank statement WOULD be an intrusion of privacy as the CSA has no right as to what your spending habits are. If the CSA wants your income information they can contact the ATO.
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