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Today we are $50 down in my husabnds pay . Without being notified or contacted his ca took it upon herself to take this extra money from his pay.

We have an arrangement with them of what we pay in back pay.

With our children ill and needing medication how is this fair? Can they do this?
From the CSA Guide :-

CSA Guide - 5.2.3 said
Collecting arrears through employer withholding

If CSA is already collecting an ongoing liability from a payer's salary and wages, it can also arrange to collect arrears in the same way (this is known as employer withholding of arrears, or EWA).

CSA can vary a notice served on an employer for the collection of ongoing child support to include an additional amount to cover amounts overdue (section 45(2A)). A copy of the notice to increase the deduction must be served on the employer. CSA will also send the payer a copy of the notice.

As in all payment arrangements, CSA will provide a payer with the opportunity to respond before additional deductions are commenced. An opportunity to negotiate allows the payer to present CSA with any relevant facts for consideration. The protected earnings amount still applies in these cases.

An arrangement to collect arrears by employer withholding will not prevent CSA from using other administrative action or legal action to recover the debt. CSA will make this clear to a payer when it negotiates any recovery arrangement.


CSA is collecting F's arrears of child support by additional salary deductions. CSA becomes aware that F is about to sell a property in which they have a significant equity. CSA would seek to satisfy the debt in full by reaching an agreement with F to pay their arrears at the time of settlement, or by issuing a section 72A notice. It is important to make clear to F that CSA will seek to satisfy the debt in the most efficient and timely way possible. If an additional amount becomes available, CSA will seek to apply it to the debt.

Here's a link to the section in the Guide CSA Guide - 5.2.3: Collection from salary or wages
They did not contact us . And since Febuary they were fine with the other amount . Why change and not tell us?
accept74, if what you say is entirely correct, what tey have done is entirely inappropriate and needs to be redressed.  Go to the CSA complaints line and demand an explanation/apology/redress.  If they are unable to help, don't argue with them and go straight to the Ombudsman.
accept74 said
Why change and not tell us?
Have you rung the CSA and asked them?
accept74 said
Without being notified or contacted his ca took it upon herself to take this extra money from his pay.
Do you mean the payroll officer at the workplace? Has he enquired with the payroll officer or taken a look at the pay packet certificate to see if it is actually a CSA deduction?

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Yes he went to pay clerk it was cs who took extra money out.
He rang to speak to his CO but she was away , the  other officer said that yes extra money was taken but he would have to ring when his CO  returned. Hubby asked why there was no contact to notify him. He only  spoke to his CO a week before and she did not say anything to him about this. He will ring again today to see if his CO is there.
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