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Can you have a agreement where neither parent pays child support now and in the future?

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Equal shared care and child support

I am wondering if you can have an agreement where neither parent has to pay child support to each other.

Previously when my ex and I changed shared care to 50/50 we said we would no longer pay child support.I had been making payments to her as she was not working.(I have learnt now the only reason she suggested to stop payments was because she was earning about 30k more then me and she would be required to pay me). 18monthspassed and without my knowledge my ex put in paperwork to claim child support again. I discovered this after receivingthe notice from CSA. She believed at this stage she was earning less then me and wanted to get some money.

Long story short, we are 12months on since she started to claim child support payments again. Currently noone is still paying anything as the results of appeal after appeal from her and requesting assessment reviews more then once.I am sick of the calls to CSA and filling in the paperwork. So far the 4 appeals she hasmade have resulted in her still paying me. I am not concerned with the money and do not want or need it. To make changes to the assessment late last year she emailed me saying that it no longer maters as she has quit her job and I will have to pay her. TheCSA assessor found thatas she quit on her own terms she was still required to pay me child support payments.

She once again appealed, this time changing her tune sheis now stating that neither parent should pay as both need to take responsibility. So it is my belief that as she has to pay she wants noone to pay anyone (as she was the one that started it in the first place), but if she was earning less then meshe would be requesting I pay.

So thats the background!

My real question is:

Can I have an agreement with my ex that says no matter each persons financial circumstances now or in the future neither parent is responsible to pay the other any child support payments? I know that as soon as I agree not to follow up collecting what is apparently owed to me she will in the future try to claim again if I was to get a payrise resulting in me earning more money then her. So I want an agreement that protects this happening in the future.

I would have no problems in paying if required, but not prepared to pay her when when the situationis reversed and she has to pay me that she doesnt believe either should pay.

Would love some help please.
Yes you can in two ways. The easiest but also very easily disagreed to, is to simply elect to end CS assessment or simply agree to let them continue assessment with private collect but for there to be no collection. A pone call by either parent can end this.

The other option is a binding agreement, which can be for any amount. It requires that both parents seek legal advice to have the agreement put in place and also to end it.

Here's a link to the section on Agreements in the CSA Guide. CSA Guide - Section 2.7: Agreements
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