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Can they lock him up?

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I'm asking this for a dear friend of ours, I think I've asked some questions for him before but now he has run into deep trouble with CSA.
He's been over this morning in absolute terror, his ex went through a change of assessment claiming he earns more than he actually does, he says he never recieved anything about it until finding out the COA had been accepted. Now CSA claim he owes several thousand - there is no way on earth he could even scrounge up that money over several years (I help him with his budgeting and bookkeeping so I know for sure on this - had to after ex took basically everything from him in the court), He says the CSA officer he spoke to told him he will go to jail if he doesn't pay this within a week.
This sounded pretty sus to me and I have never heard anything, so thought I would ask those more in the know - is this worker just trying to scare him into paying or can anything like this happen?
If scaring him like I more presume it is, is this behavior appropriate and if not what can he do about it?
If anything the CSA worker should be the one to go to jail. A change of assessment cannot pervert procedural fairness amongst other requirements.

In enacting a change of assessment the CSA MUST:

Send a copy of the application and any documents that that accompanied the application to the other party section 98B(2) of the child support assessment act.

Give each party an opportunity to have a conference with the Senior Case Officer (SCO).

Must deal with the application in a way which is procedurally fair and that a person is aware of any adverse information and invite comment on that information.

Must give written notice of the decision which must provide the information on the right to object and to take the matter to SSAT.

Yes the worker is trying to scare the person which I believe is way outside the remit of the worker and is I believe a serious breach of the APS guidelines. I would suggest that you complain most vigorously in regard to this abuse of power. I'd suggest contacting your local Federal MP, the MP for the DHS portfolio (Tanya Plibersek) and the Ombudsman. Also obviously make an official complaint to the CSA.

I hope you kept records of the conversation - they are required to give you a receipt number. This will help! If not, think back to the exact time the phone call took place and the name of the worker. Perhaps these things would be on the file already (hopefully).
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