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C$A Computer error - Multi-case allowance

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I rang C$A regarding the multi-case allowance that appeared on my last letter dated 9 Jul10, but was not on the letter dated 6 Jun10.  It appears, so they say, that there is a computer error and this should have said "other dependant child" or words to that effect. The computer is also responsible for it not being there on the first letter. I then questioned why from 1 year to the next why the amount went from $1347 to $876, again the rotten computer is to blame as the officer I was talking too had no explanation. Funnily enough her screen was showing that currently it was not applied again.

I requested a letter explaining the off again and on again and off again incorrectly labled errors however she declined and said that a new letters would be issued reflecting the true amounts.

Also the new letter will also come out showing my correct income for 09/10 as they had inadvertantly added an amount from 07/08 to the 09/10 she did not state who was to blame for this error but I suspect the computer going on its track record.

Pretty poor effort C$A it seems they can do whatever they like when they like with no accountability and it appears I have to blindly accept that what they send me will take into account money already collected.  O_o

I asked if I was the only person affected by this error and she said there could be others.
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