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After hearing all those horror story's, I am a bit concerned. What would happen in the case of a business owner with two equal partners in the business? How would CSA handle that? Specially if the plan is to reinvest some of the profits? Let's say the company doesn't make anything for the first year, will CSA guesstimate something if they see that there is a company, if even the income doesn't decrease? Also, what happens if the payee is employed in her partners company and gets a minimal wage, about a third from her original? A CoA is one option, but would CSA investigate this also if they would know? If the payee would own a part of the business, would it be different? Or do they simply just investigate against the payers?
Basically, there's nothing much they can do except issue a S 72 (garnishment) notice on the business to try to compel compliance. I and my partner once received one of these and I simply sent it back with the comment that the business did not owe me any money, which was never disputed. That was a couple of weeks after I had a barney with them over the issue of making threatening phone calls, which you may be interested to know is an offence under the Criminal Code act, S 474.17 "Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence"

Of course, if the business owner is obviously living a life that indicates an income higher than is claimed for CSA purposes, then their response may be different.
Thank you :-)
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