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I have been dealing with CSA for 13 years and its nearly over. I started a Company 2 years ago and is slowly getting established. My ex has now told CSA that I am hiding money through the business and wants a Change of Assessment. Now CSA want all bank statement personal and business for the last 2 years. Can they do this and do I have the right to say no?
Has a Change of Assessment been submitted?

Have you submitted all you Tax Returns?

Exactly how have they requested the information from you?

Have you requested that all contact from the C$A to you be in writing?
(If not, you need to do that right away - then you can use the script here: View topic: Changes to section 60CC - to protect yourself from their telephone bullying)
Yes I believe you can say no but you need to look at the claim being made by your ex and decide if it reasonable or not.

The C$A want to know if your lifestyle is better than the ex's to see if they can justify increasing your liability so the children have a similar lifestyle when living with the ex as they have with you.

C$A have access to your company details through the ATO and will access your records through your accountant if you refuse.

This is why I recommend that you only employ an accountant to prepare financial statements and tax returns and you lodge the return yourself. This way C$A will not have access to your company records as they will not know who your accountant is.

C$A can also access company information through ASIC's records so you may need to change the registered address from your accountant to your home address to ensure they cannot get your records through your accountant.

So if you have not done the above it will not make much difference if you provide the information or not as C$A will get it anyway.

That is why I suggest you try to see if they have a case against you or not by looking at the ex's claims.
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