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I have spent the last few hours reading through the posts and find this forum a wealth of knowledge.

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice of my situation.

My ex and I seperated when my daughter was 2, she is now 17. He has seen her around 5 times since then (his choice).

He has paid CS on and off also. He will pay for a few months and then leave his job and start somewhere else, until CSA catch up with him and it starts all over again.

He currently has a debt of $19,500. I have worked very hard to give my daughter the things she needs and do the best I can.

My first question is, my daughter is currently sitting the HSC and will complete YR 12 in the next month or so.

She is continuing onto Uni next year. Does CSA payments stop when she finishes her HSC or when she turns 18, which is in July next yr.

Also, will CSA actively still try and collect the arrears after she turns 18, or is it a lost cause?

Thank you in advance for any help.
CS should continue until 18 unless there are other terminating circumstances (e.g. she enters into a relationship or works). The CSA may or may not chase the arrears. I would suggest that if they aren't doing anything now then that could well remain the same (note they have a get out of chasing arrears cards, which is that if it is too costly to do so they don't have to). However, the arrears will very likely remain a debt to the Commonwealth, (even the CS debts of the deceased remain so). You also have the option of chasing the debt yourself through court enforcement action even though the debt is a debt to the Commonwealth.
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