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Am I correct?

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We've won a SSAt appeal regarding care and overpaid the other party 1000 while going through the process, due to the incorrect care level. CSA is now backdating as requested by the SSAt. The other party also requested arrears of 3 month to be paid, which we didn't pay yet. Those arrears add up to 1400. SSAT confirmed such. This means CSA should adjust everything and we only owe the other party 400? Is that correct? As she basiaclly owes us 1000 we overpaid her and we owe her 1400 which we underpaid?

If we would pay the 400, but decide to take this matter to court, she would owe us 1000 (we are only disputing 1000 of the 1400 arrears, since she recieved an extra payment of a 1000 during this period, which she claims she did not recieve in lieu of CS)… I know it's hard to backdate, we are not even sure if we will bother… Just wondering what the process would be on getting the money back.  
You wont get the money back from your Ex
The CSA will credit you until paymenst are up to date.

The CSA should be held accountable for there stuff up
and made to pay compensation back.
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