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I am new here….

The CSA have a 72A notice in  place to my ex's employer. The notice is not currently being complied with as the ex is employed in a family business run/ administered by his brother. The CSA seem unwilling to take the matter further and fine the employer for not making payments as required. How do I get the CSA to act on the notice that they issued. This is a long and ongoing case where the ex works in the family business- he puts in tax returns but there is never a refund so nothing to garnish. He has no assets in his name… but drives a great car, lives in a rental that is very expensive and also paid for by the business. The business seems to pay all his expenses but is able to ignore the 72A. There is an arrears amount of about $10 000 and an ongoing amount of $900 per month…
Talk to CSA complaints. If that doesn't work complain to the Ombudsman.
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