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4 Questions re: CSA and Military Incapacity Payments,Supperannuation Payout & Taxes

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1:Can CSA garnish incapacity payments? (I am disabled & cannot work & my medical expenses aren't covered under public health )

2:Also if you have all or part of a Superannuation released to you to cover medical expenses can CSA take that?

3:If CSA takes your tax return will they only take the amount you owe or all of it?

4:How does CSA get your bank information?And how can they just take funds without a court order?

Any help is appreciated.Thanks!
1) C$A can garnish whatever they like if they believe they have a right to it.

2) They can take any payment due to you from a third party only if they know about it. This is why we advise people not to give them any information other then the information contained in a tax return.

3) They can take your tax refund in part or full depending on the amount they are seeking. There are however some components of the refund they cannot touch. I'm not 100% what they are so someone else might be able to advise on this.

4) C$A only need to know who you bank with as they may get an account number from Centrelink or ATO or use this information to identify you to a number of banks until your bank responds to their order - Yes  their legislation gives them the power to do this without an order from a court. The usual thing to do is to make sure your bank accounts are in joint names so they cannot work who actually own the funds of the account.

Hope these answers help.

After reading more on this site(wish I'd found this forum a year ago!) I have come to surmise that to try to protect my bank account I should make sure that my bank account is not linked with my TFN & that the account is not known to the ATO.
I also should also inform my bank manager that funds are not to be released to any third party with a court order.

I'm not trying to shirk my responsibility but I found myself (through ignorance of how CSA works)in a horrible situation where the 'payee' had been getting paid privately(per agreement) by me whilst claiming to CSA(while I was out of the country)that she had NOT so I now I am in 'arrears' as well as being assessed at a rate from 3 years ago(my income went from $100,000 to $0 due to my disablement in that time period).

Thank you
The only way you can stop them from accessing a savings account is to make it a joint account. Trying to hide wont work as they only have to send a letter (which is considered a court order) to all the banks with your full name and DOB and they will find your account/s.
ATO is turning over entire tax return despite the fact CSA admitted it's over paying the Payee! :'(
Exactly what I feared happening.
Thankfully my re-assessment has been done & my support amount is  fair(finally) but now I'm out money!
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