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17yr old moving in with dad when he finishes school

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My 17yr old will be living with his dad when he finishes yr 12 this year.  He'll be 18 in April and will be going to TAFE for 2 years.  I was advised by Centrelink he could apply for Youth Allowance and they'll go on his dad's income because he'll be living with him. Will I be required to pay child support?  
              assuming that your son is over 18 when he leaves school, unless there are court orders to the contrary, then CS would not be applicable. However, I believe a good parent would wish to contribute what they can afford to assist their child or children with further education. There is also the possibility that the other parent, a carer, the child, a grandparent or any other person concerned with the care, welfare or development of the child could apply to the family law court for a child maintenance order under section 66F of the Family Law Act. Although I believe that this latter situation is rare, perhaps an SRL would be so kind as to provide more information in regard to child maintenance orders.

There aren't any court orders.  My son will be 18 next April and is starting TAFE next February.  I'll be paying for his 2 yrs tuition.  I currently receive about $40 a fortnight in child support because they garnish his father's unemployment benefit (even though he works).   He's also in arrears with child support and I've never received much, but I guess every little bit helps.
             you may be liable for CS until your son turns 18, assuming that he is not a member of a couple. If there is a debt then I believe that this could be used to offset the change in liability that would occur when the other parent becomes the "lives with" parent. If this is a problem then there is the possibility, assuming that communication between the parents is relatively good, that you could negotiate gifting to effectively compensate. I say this as the CSA do have a record of only concentrating on the CS that can be collected or transferred and that this counter legislative object (i.e. section 4 of the CS Assessment Act) mentality has been re-affirmed recently with the David Richmond report (if that's the correct report that states something along the lines that every person in the CSA should be a collector of CS and so on).
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