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"Taking Leave of the Court" to look back further than 18 months

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How far can you go back with a COA & how do you do it?

I am awaiting the outcome of a potential unfavourable COA around School Fees. For my first two children I paid over $100,000 in school fees without contribution from my ex. She initially had the children (18 months) then for the next 5 years I had them fulltime.

A CSA case was lodged but I never went through the COA process.

I also paid the school fees for my third for 2.5 years (out of a total to be 5 years) and then the child moved to their mothers. My ex then lodged a COA on a number of matters, one being for school fees. The Senior Case Officer agreed that I had an obligation to pay, but kindly/correctly attributed no cost to that as I had paid the previous 2.5 years of school fees without assistance. The COA was given an 18 month effective life.

My ex has now lodged another COA on the expiry of the original, & again asking for school fee assistance (despite receiving School Card & a 40% discount over the last 18 months!!). The Senior Case Officer on the phone was very abrupt, said I had a proven responsibility to pay, & will look at the matter as to whether I pay an additional 50% of the fees. As I said I fear the worst with the letter due anyday.

If they do say I have to contribute 50% to school fees, despite already paying 50% already of my child's entire private schooling fees, which I will object to, I think that gives me an opening to request a contribution for the other 2 children. This is within 7 years but outside of the COA 18 months. How do you take "leave of the Courts" to go back 7 years?
I don't believe you can go back, COA's only go forward.
See section 110 of the Child Support (Assessment) Act. I think if you can show that you have paid more than your fair share in the past you may get somewhere.
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