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??change payment due to money already paid??

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Hi all…just a bit of advice please…
I pay child support and this year have already spent over $1000 on flights for my daughter to come and visit me. Can I ask the CSA to credit this amount off the payments I make?? It seems a bit unfair that I pay child support and then pay the additional money to actually see her! I dont mind really, but its the principle of the thing! Advice please!
You'd have to put in a change of assessment under reason 1 if it costs more than 5% of your adjusted taxable income over the child support period (see )…

Be aware however change of assessments can come with nasty surprises in the way of increased assessments if the CSA decides that your income/financial resources is higher than listed…
                you can claim for such costs. However, they are not NAP's (Non-agency payments). Rather you have to claim them via a Reason 1 Change of Assessment (COA). That's where the issue lies as COA's are notorious as being grossly unfair toward the paying parent and biased toward the Government and the recipient. Basically the CSA very often try to use the COA process to greatly inflate the amount paid or at least to greatly reduce what a paying parent is entitled to. If you are self-employed or run a small business then you are especially open to what can only be called some of the most unjust distortions of legislation that have occurred in Australian history. A companies income, in hard times, being considered that as per a years old business loan application, losses being considered as income and the general public having to be endangered to meet the CS commitments are some real examples of the CSA's abuse of power for which evidence exists.

I'd suggest having a search for COA and see the pitfalls and then make a decision. I myself was in a similar position and I made the decision to not risk the wrath of what some call Deem and Destroy. You may wish to check out section 2.6 of the CSA guide (I'd suggest having a good look at other reasons that the CSA may try to use against you, especially reason 8).
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