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wife taking me to federal magistrates court to have me removed from house on 18October. Help

My wife has sought Interim or procedural orders. Final Orders have also been sought on her Initiating Application. This has been done through the Federal Magistrates Court in Melbourne
The application is regarding parental responsibilities, custody and settlement of property.

I was served notice on 3rd October 2011 for a Court hearing on 18th October 2011.  Because I have been previously been diagnosed with a mental illness which has been under control for some time, Mediation has been refused to us  initially because I had had mental illness, and then, after receiving medical documentation endorsing my capacity for mediation, I was told on the phone by the Mediation Centre that mediation would be too stressful for my wife to attend mediation.
In her affidavit she states that she has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We have property we live in that is valued on the rates notice at $740,000. We have a current mortgage of $170,000 on this property. Can this matter be heard in the Federal Magistrates Court or should it have been listed for the Family Court.
My wife has told her solicitor that the property is valued at $575,000.

Is the Magistrates Court the correct venue.?
I receive parenting allowance at present, having injured my back severely at work some years ago. While Legal Aid are helpful in their office, they are unable to represent me in Court because they do not have time to process the information in time for the Court hearing.

I have asked for an extension of time to lodge my documents. This has not been granted. My wife says the hearing is urgent as she implies I am a danger to my children. However, my doctor, who sees me regularly, sometimes with one of my children, disagrees.

Can you advise if this Court is the correct place for the Hearing?
Can I have it transferred to the Family Court?
The Federal Magistrates Court is the correct venue. It is usually recommended above the Family Court which is slow moving, ponderous and considered by some to be a little too old school.

Your mental illness should not prejudice your case unless you are exhibiting behaviour which may directly effect the children.

The value of the property will be determined by a valuer, unless off course you agree with it.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
I have an Interim hearing on 2nd November,. How do I get an extra week so I can get medical reports etc back.  I DO need the extra time as the magistrate is hostile to start with. I am self representing and the wife has a barrister representing her.  There are several children involved.
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