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Urgent Advice Needed Please!

A family member has a child that they have shared custody? I think it's called, one week with Mother then one week with Father. They have all the guidelines set in place to cover everything including an extra week a year for vacation which they have to give 28 days notice for. This has always been done by text message for the past six years, without an issue. At the start of June my family member sent a message saying that he would be holidaying between the 14th and 21st of July 2010 and got a delivery message to say it had been received to that phone, as both parties have done for the six years. He didn't get a reply, which is very common so went and booked the accomodation etc. Last week he sent a reminder message as he always does and got a reply, sorry i didn't receive 28 days notice you are contravening? the court order and she has got legal advice and no the child won't be going. This has never been a problem before.

Now my family member is stressing, as this ex has caused so many problems before and brought police to his house with her & her new husbandto pick up the child, for no particular reason, i don't even know why the police got involved? There was no charges, no intervention orders in place besides the one my family member had on HER husband who was with them. He made a complaint but never got a response, from the outside it totally looks like he's being picked on, all he wants is access to his child without the dramas, he doesn't contact her besides text relating to access ie; the message for the holiday, he doesn't harrass her and has absolutely no contact with his child during the Mothers week. He allowed her to take this child during school term to Queensland last year on his week. It seems he does everything right for the child but nothing seems to go his way. It seems to be all about the Mother and she enjoys making my family members life difficult.

Anyway, it's all a big drama to me, but my family member is worried that she is going to get the police as usual pick up is tonight (but he told her he is taking the child on vacation so this shouldn't happen), he is worried they are going to charge him with kidnapping or something, he is one to stick by the court order etc. So he is panicking on what to do…

Any advice?

FYI: Was just told it was an AVO not an intervention order.

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