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Trans-tasman access - The right to have your child visit your country for a week.

Looking for legislation or precedent for having a child visit the non primary carer for a trans-tasman visit.

I have a great relationship with my ex-wife, who is now living in Auckland after our Sydney based divorce 4 years ago; however, the issue of taking my 5 1/2yr old daughter for a week holiday in Sydney has caused a stalemate.

I have been visiting NZ every 6 weeks or so and my wife is happy for me to travel around the country with our daughter, but  not to take her to NZ just in case she falls ill or some such other thing.

I don't want to bring the lawyers in , so I would greatly appreciate some direction to precedent or legislation that I could present her with to explain the likely outcome should we go down the unfortunate path or legal intervention.

Thanks all.
I assume that you mean not to take child out of NZ. as in you want to bring the child to Australia.

Courts would look favourably on this if the time was reasonable and not to often I feel.

You can argue visits for your Australian family (or new australian family and life) and heritage for the child is in the childs best interests. School holidays being a perfect time and as the other party is the one who left then it should be easier.

Maybe the other party is frightened, so mediate if possible.
Thanks for this.  Will try the mediate option of course, but the challenge is the cost of being physically present for mediation…  :-)
Mediation does not mean at all times a physical presence as there are mediation companies which do phone mediation when necessary.  These are commonly used in mediation when AVO or DVO are part of the equation. Your distance issues should allow you to use a phone mediation service.
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