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Post Separation parenting Course.

Get it done ASAP the sooner the better, even straight after separation. Most of the family Relationship centres do it or can refer you.

It is about 2 hours a once a week for 8 weeks. More about how to interact with the other parent, consider childs needs avoid conflict. Child first sort of thing. Usually in a group. I am near the end of one and have done it voluntarily. Proactive dad! I actually found it interesting and worthwhile.

The ex has thus far refused to do it as she says she doesn't need it. However I am informed the family consultant DOES believe she needs to do it, boy does she ever, and he has recommended she do it which means the court WILL order her to do it next week. It also looks very bad for her that she is refusing to do it. But I say this goes to show her colours. It also showed one of the many ways I have tried to work hard to establish a reasonable relationship between us and have been avoiding conflict.

From my understanding these courses are being required more and more these days and I tend to think in the not to distant future they will be compulsary before any final orders are made.

If people have an open mind to them they are a very good thing, if not at least they turn up and some of it may sink in.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"
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