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tips and traps

What are evferyones tips and traps of family law

here are a few of mine
-keep a diary
-take all personal/sentamental items with you
-take/ get all documents

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Hmm Family law tips -
1. Joining this forum is a great place to start. (wish I had)
2. Attend a "focus on kids" workshop (relationships Austrailia run them) - as soon as you can - valuable information that can prevent you making monumental F^*k Ups. I can't stress that enough and that goes for the STEP PARENT too.
3. Diary, Diary Diary. with a calendar of events. Keep a record of ALL communication between yourself and the other parent. Even if it entails the text you really should NOT have sent - the response or preceding text will probably be used against you.
4. Include in your diary things like how you felt, what you were thinking.
5. Phone records keep them. Be very conscious of maintaining very good records.
6. If you go to appointments etc sometimes it is a good idea to take someone else with you - they hear things in a different way and can recall things you may have missed.
7. Stay positive and get councilling if you need it - this can be one of the most stressful and heart wrenching experiences anyone can go through. In some ways I feel that a death would be easier -there is closure - in our case there isn't, despite final orders and it is very draining.
8. last option - be prepared to walk away - for your sanity and safety.
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